meet sara

Sara Roberts McCarley is a mom, first and foremost. She has two children: Charlotte (16) and Samuel (12). She’s also a wife to husband Trey as well as a businesswoman and a volunteer.

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In her career, Sara is dedicated to making a difference. Through her work with Best Buddies International, she developed a program that was implemented in high schools nationwide to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through friendship and employment. Most recently her role as Executive Director at Polk Vision heightened her commitment locally while building public-private partnerships to serve the community.

Sara is dedicated to helping her community. She’s an active volunteer in the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy PTO, the Harrison Parent Association, the Lakeland High School Parent Teacher Partnership and First United Methodist Altar Guild.


Sara is also dedicated to cultivating leaders. After her first husband, Randy, passed away suddenly in 2009, Sara converted her grief into action. She created the Randy Roberts Foundation in his legacy. Through this organization, she empowers young students to participate in government on the local, state and national level.

Now, she’s dedicated to representing the southwest district of Lakeland as a member of the City Commission. Vote for Sara Roberts McCarley on January 15.